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       Human  Angels.   

                    Our Mission.   Our Vision.   Our Goal.                  

   End Extreme Poverty in all Global Community Slums  


Since 2018  Human Angels Australia  &  Human Angels Africa  have been seeking to end the injustice of global poverty.   As global humanitarians, we tackle wealth inequality which keeps people poor.  We save, protect and rebuild lives from circumstances beyond the control of the poor, the sick & the vulnerable.  We build better lives for those in poverty by supporting families, particularly single parent families, including abandoned children & street kids.   Post Covid-19 has been very difficult for the poor living in Community Slums, globally.    Our humanitarians work as a united global team to provide support where it is needed.  We won’t stop until every person on earth can enjoy a life free from poverty.  We believe in the equal distribution of wealth, which would eliminate global poverty overnight.

"We come from all lands.   We share a dream & sing with one voice.    We are Australian, we are African, we are Asian and ready to tackle extreme poverty on a global scale".

    Our humanitarians.    Our Responsible Countries:

Human Angels Australia: 
Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines.   
Human Angels Africa:        
Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar.                                                    
The Human Angels Team:        

Michael Gilbert                   Founder  Human Angels                  AUSTRALIA

Michael is the founder of Human Angels  Australia & Human Angels Africa.  Together with Pastor Harriet Namyalo from Entebbe Uganda, we fund the largest of global social problems, that being community slums usually found in cities.  Our Humanitarians fund worldwide extreme poverty, helping tens of millions living in personal crisis.

Angeyo Joyce                              Head Office / Admin                      UGANDA

Angeyo is our office admin co ordinator for Human Angels Australia.  Angeyo comes from an education background in schools. We are blessed to also have Angeyo as our Education Resources Manager in Africa.  African kids need a good education to succeed in life.  Angeyo ensures our kids have the  right tools they need to succeed in life. 

Papassorn Huayyai            Khlong Toey Slums Project   THAILAND.

 Papassorn (Reny) is a compassionate & devout Theravada Buddhist from the Wat Thep Buat Temple, Thailand.  Reny actively supports the social work of  Thailand's Buddhists.  She will be engaging with and supporting many local thai charities.  Reny has devoted her life to the Thai people and we are so proud to have this kind hearted Angel with us.

Pastor Harriet Namyalo  Human Angels Africa. UGANDA 

Pastor Harriet leads a unique African team of Angels and has created something  very special in Uganda.  Her Community Based Organization is headquarters for all the support and donations we offer.  Our wonderful African Angels are proudly known as  Human Angels Africa.

Norine  Ajiambo Abayo                    Kibera Slums Project                    KENYA

Norine knows Nairobi and the Community Slums of Nairobi, and grew up in the largest, known as 'Kibera'.  We are blessed to have Norine on our team of humanitarians, and together with Essy Chebet Meseng we provide donations and auditing  to ensure our funding reaches the poor.

Esther Chebet Meseng      Kibera Slums Project                         KENYA

Essy brings valuable personal life experience and practical  youth development skills through the mentoring of underprivileged youth groups.  Essy will be supporting Kenyan children  in poverty, many homeless and wandering the streets in Western Kenya.  We are blessed to have Essy with us.

Norine Ajiambo Abayo. 

Single Mother's Support Programs.  Financial & Social Support Programs.  Special Projects.  Kibera Community Slums.   Nairobi KENYA.

Norine was raised in the Kibera Slums Community, Nairobi KENYA.  Her humanitarian role is to reach out and provide financial and family needs support to millions of the extreme poor living in abject poverty at Kibera.  She has developed specific family programs to ensure that our humanitarian funding goes directly to those in most need.  Norine is very passionate about supporting single parent families doing it tough at Kibera.  Her programs are extraordinary and effective at providing individual support for single mothers and their children.  These social programs will be effective at eliminating prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse at the Kibera Slums.  God has sent us this beautiful Human Angel to help us implement new and revolutionary social programs, designed to assist the extreme poor to strive for wonderful & exciting futures.

Human Angels Australia  is a Global 100% Private Philanthropic Humanitarian Organization.   

We provide direct Humanitarian Aid Support for Australian Registered Charities, Community Based Organizations, Global Charities, Churches and Schools in Australia and overseas countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana & Madagascar.  

Since 2018 Human Angels Australia has been developing Humanitarian Aid programs, specifically for the extreme poor living in Community Slums, and since 2020 doing it tough with Covid-19.   Those families living in Community Slums and suffering with daily survival issues, such as loss of employment and their inability to put meals on the table.  Many living in Community Slums have medical issues needing urgent attention. The world is changing, we are leading the way.  We have embraced wonderful opportunities to help others.  We do so gracefully and together with Christ.

We are proud Australians with a proud history overseas.  Our Australian Charities are ranked & compared with other charities from around the world.  Australia can hold it's head up as having some of the most dedicated & hard working of all Global Charities.   We applaud those Australians working overseas, serving the poor on behalf of all Australians.

Human Angels Africa  provides a multitude of essential family needs for the poor, such as large quantity wet & dry food, fresh potable water, medical supplies, and direct financial support on a case by case basis.  We support homeless street children caught in the middle of family breakdowns & violence.  Our aim is to provide any child in crisis with support, a bed and three meals a day. These children can then be returned to families all over Africa.  We recognize that much of Government sponsored emergency food does not make it to the majority of Community Slum Residents.        Human Angels Africa  and our partner charities in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana & Madagascar exist to fill that supply gap.   This work is sometimes the difference between life and death for many slum residents.  We stand up for the extreme poor living in African Community Slums and suffering within their own personal crisis due to extreme poverty.  They are the forgotten 'extreme poor' of African Slum Communities, but hopefully forgotten no more.  Our humanitarians know where best to tackle extreme poverty, and have started their work healing all that is broken.

As a 100% self funded philanthropic funding source for charities, from Australia, we don't require Australian charity registration, donations or any government assistance.  We are philanthropists and represent the generous and compassionate nature of all Australians whilst overseas.  We promote Australia & Australians as global citizens of good standing, helping to eliminate global poverty.  We share our Australian values of fairness & equality for everyone.

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Kibera Slum, Nairobi Kenya.  Two Million Kibera Slum residents, live here in extreme poverty.  Residents cook, clean and bathe amongst this mess.  Children are allowed to play in this filthy water course, and many do not live past 5 years of age.

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Human Angels Africa  work with registered Australian & global charities, community based organizations, churches & schools across Africa, and in community Slums in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana & Madagascar.    In Uganda, we look after the Kisenyi Slum, Kampala Uganda.  In Kenya, we look after both the Kibera Slum & Kayole Soweto Slums, Nairobi, Kenya. In Ghana, we look after the Agbogbloshie & Jamestown SlumsIn Madagascar, we focus on the extreme poverty in it's capital city, Antananarivo.  We stand up for the extreme poor, the forgotten, the downtrodden and those poor in our worldwide Slum Communities whom struggle to put just one meal on the table every day.  Many children go to school hungry, with some lucky enough to receive a meal whilst at school.

"We are one, but we are many.  From all the lands on earth we come. We share a dream and sing with one voice.   I am, you are, we are Australian"                                                                                                        


 Human  Angels Africa.

Human Angels Africa  is our Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda, Africa.  Human Angels Australia  provides major philanthropic financial support.  Our aim is to see this Community Based Organisation grow in Africa & become a Non Government Organisation NGO across all of Africa.  We aim to be the largest philanthropic contributor to African Community Slums.  Our humanitarians & affiliates are very passionate Africans, creating change in Africa.  We demonstrate our love for both Africa and the African people. 

Pastor Harriet Namyalo is currently operating this CBO in Busia, Uganda.  We anticipate increasing our support funding, as Pastor Harriet's team qualifies for the larger NGO status in Africa.   Pastor Harriet lives & breathes this charity.  Human Angels Africa is her life's work.   Human Angels Australia fully supports Pastor Harriet's work and we anticipate coverage across the whole African continent in future years.  We are constantly in awe at Pastor Harriet's very passionate prayers and powerful public speaking.  We will be encouraging Pastor Harriet to speak publicly as often as she can




Our Mission:                                                                                                                                                    

Our mission is to empower people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship.   May Christ open the financial flood gates of heaven for these poor souls.  Let it Rain !

Our Vision:

Human Angels Australia  &  Human Angels Africa  envisions a world in which the most vulnerable people will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty and to create vital, healthy lives for their families and communities now and for the future.  We work together with Christ towards this vision.

Our Core Values:

Accountability.   We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our participants and each other.

Respect.   We value and celebrate the unique and diverse talents, experiences and perspectives of everyone, and treat our participants, partners and each other with sensitivity and respect.

Creativity.  We go beyond conventional ideas and approaches so new possibilities and innovation can flourish to ensure real and lasting positive change.

Integrity.  We maintain the highest standards of professional & ethical behavior, and value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships and actions.

Human Angels  -  Our Eight Responsible Countries:

Australia.    We have a large choice of up to 59,000 Australian Charities.  We target general homelessness, youth drug addiction, family violence and single families with difficulties making ends meet.  We will tackle the chronic shortage of accommodation for the poor.  We address situations of mothers going without food, so their children can eat.  We provide a helping hand during times when charities are stretched, and donations becoming scarce.  As a first world country we can do better, and we will do better.  We believe that being happy includes thinking about the less fortunate.  A rich and full life should always involve helping those in need.   We want to look back and say, "we gave our all to help them".

* Australian families in poverty now face the real possibility of homelessness.  Financial pressure is being felt by the children, whose normal childhood is replaced with lack, guilt and shame.  Human Angels Australia is there to help.


Thailand.  (See Khlong Toey Slum Video Below)  We will be funding Australian charities working with the Khlong Toey Slum, Bangkok's largest slum.  We sponsor children affected by poverty, and help poor families in need.  The extended 'covid-19 pandemic' has left more than one million in poverty on the streets.  Our Papassorn Huayyai (Reny) will also be working with our target Australian Charities, but also Thai charities such as the Wat phrabatnampu Foundation, the Baannokkamin Foundation, the Santisuk Foundation, and the Sikkha FoundationThese Thai Buddhist Monk charities support outcasts from society, with severe illnesses such as HIV Aides & Leprosy.  These wonderful Thai charities cover those areas which are difficult to reach.  We greatly admire the loving kindness of the Thai Buddhist Monks.  We know that Australian Charities in Thailand have been starved of their normal routine funding, with the inability to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.  We have a financial solution to support those charities under pressure at the moment.  Unfortunately, Thai Project commitment costs could not be put on hold during those covid-19 lock downs.  Children and families still needed to be supported.  We were there to help.  We want the very best for all the Thai people living in poverty.  Our Human Angel Papassorn Huayyai will be working directly with thai charities and providing our full support.  Papassorn Huayyai is a practicing Theravada Buddhist from the Wat Thep Buat Temple, Thailand. 

Cambodia.    We will be funding Australian charities working with the Andong Slums (Phnom Pehn) which is considered Cambodia's largest slum.  Our Papassorn Huayyai (Reny) will be working with Australian and local charities caring for the poor, the elderly and the sick living in Andong.  The conditions at Andong were made worse since covid-19 lockdowns in Cambodia.   Andong Slums are home to 25 % of Phnom Penh resident population.

*Families live here on less that $2 USD per day.  Children quite often work to provide food for their families.



Kenya.   (See Kibera Slum Video Below)  We will be funding Australian charities working with the 'Kibera Slum', Nairobi Kenya.  Human Angels Australia  is affiliated with local organisations, churches and schools througout Kenya. Our Pastor Lillian Adongoo has personally contacted and is affilliated with hundreds of churches and schools, across Kenya, and whom are now ready to receive funding from Human Angels Australia.  Our Pastor Lillian is also currently working with slum communities at the Kibera Slums, as well as the Kayole Soweto Slums, both in Nairobi Kenya.  Nairobi is home to about a dozen very large slums, with Kibera being the largest by far.  We very much look forward to working with the Kibera slum residents.   'Kibera Slum' is considered by many to be the largest slum in the world.  The video below is  close to our hearts, and touches a nerve whenever it is viewed.  Please watch this video on Kibera Slum all the way through.  It truly is heart breaking.  We will help these communities by working with all Australian charities and locally run organizations in Kenya, to help ease the pain in both the Kibera & Kayole Soweto Slums, Nairobi Kenya. 

Uganda.   (See Umoya Ministries Video Below)   We will be funding Australian charities working with the Kisenyi Slum Kampala Uganda.  Pastor Harriet & our Youth Development Officer, Essy Chebet will be working with Australian charities helping with extreme poverty in Kampala's Kisenyi Slum.  We will also have a focus on street children, abandoned and left without any support in Kampala.  We will also have a focus on the many millions of Sudanese Refugees whom over the last (7) years have fled to Uganda from their oppressive Sudanese Government regime.  We will work with the Sudanese refugee camps near the Ugandan border with Sudan, which accommodates up to (4) million people.  Uganda has been very generous, helping the Sudanese refugees by donating an acre of land for each family to live.  We want to do all we can for the Sudanese refugees now living in Ugandan Camps and under tremendous pressure to survive.

Philippines.   We will be funding Community Slums in Manila such as the Tondo Slum which has in excess of 600,000 slum residents living there.  Some slums in Manila are essentially just rubbish dumps.

A major focus for Human Angels Australia  in Tondo is Barangay 105, also known as “Happyland”— the poorest slum in Manila, where about 12000 people live on a dumpsite surrounded by big piles of garbage.  This also explains the extremely ironic name of the district — originally, the district was called “Hapilan”, which originates from a local Visaya-dialect and translates to “smelly trash”.

* Conditions at the Tondo Slum are unhealthy and invite sickness for it's residents.

Ghana.   We will be funding Australian charities working with the eight or so slums in Accra Ghana, such as Agbogbloshie Slum the Jamestown Slum and the Fadama SlumOur people will be working with all the Australian charities in Ghana.  We look forward to helping children facing 'child exploitation' in the rubbish dumps of Accra City, Ghana.  Children as young as thirteen, working twelve hour days, every day, and handling toxic chemicals, just to earn a few dollars to help feed their families.  They miss out on an education at school.  This is not acceptable to us.  We will help get them back to school by eliminating the need for families to send children out to work like this.  Our approach is to have financial incentives for families to keep children in school.  We will have a presence across Ghana, to provide support for the poor.  Our Ghana office will be in Accra, Ghana.

* Kids in Ghana are forced to sift through rubbish for anything worth eating, or useable to support their family.

Madagascar.    We will be funding Australian charities working in Madagaskar's Capital City, Antananarivo.  They are fighting a 75% poverty rate.  Pastor Harriet will be working with Australian charities, together with many smaller charities and orphanages doing it tough in Antananarivo.  The poverty rate in Madagaskar is shocking, is not acceptable, and is amongst  the worst rates of poverty anywhere in the world.  

In these environments we will have a huge effect, as very little has been done so far.  There has simply not been the means to help.  These examples of poverty you may already know about.  There has never before been an opportunity such as this, to make a difference.  Now is the first time ever that our world has a 'specific focus' on worldwide humanitarian projects.  Just the smallest things we do now, will have major flow on effects for these communities.   Precious few resources are making their way to the extreme poor of community slums.  Human Angels Australia  & Human Angels Africa  are dedicated to the extreme poor barely surviving in global community slums. 

* Madagascar has suffered from recent drought, forcing previously self sufficient farmers to flee the south and go north towards Antananarivo in search of food and water.   Families then often relied on insects for their survival.  Madagascar had a high poverty rate (75 %) before drought in those Southern Madagascar farming communities. 

Human Angels  is one of only a handful of global organizations with specific focus on supporting the extreme poor living in Global Community Slums. 

We Seek !

Worldwide Justice. 

Children go hungry all over Africa & Asia.  They know no better.

One meal a day.  That's all their families can afford.  Ask yourself how you would survive with just one meal a day. They go to school hungry.    Lets do all we can to feed them.

We Seek !

Worldwide Change.

This child is 13 and working sunrise to sundown for a few dollars to feed her family.  She is at high risk, handling toxic chemicals in a Ghana Slum.

The poor do the best they can, with help from anyone.  Many are in pain. Lets do all we can to raise them up.

Khlong Toey Slum, Bangkok, Thailand.

The 'Khlong Toey' Slum is Thailand's largest slum and approximately 1.5 square kilometres in size.  Khlong Toey is home to approximately 100,000 residents on land owned by the Port Authority of Thailand.  This land is low lying and prone to flooding.  Khlong Toey is home to some of the most kind, generous and charismatic of the thai people.  Human Angels Australia will have presence here.  Our Papassorn Huayyai (Reny) looks forward to working with both Australian and Thai Charities as well as Thai Buddhist Foundations working in the Khlong Toey Slum.

Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.

The 'Kibera Slum' is one of our large support projects in Africa.  Many consider Kibera to be the largest slum in the world, with over 2 Million residents.  Human Angels Australia Human Angels Africa will have a presence at the Kibera Slums, with specially tailored social support programs for the extreme poor.  We stand with the extreme poor at the Kibera Slums.  We bring with us both our love and best wishes from the people of Australia. We also bring that wonderful Aussie spirit, to show the residents of Kibera that Australia does care.

Feeding the residents & getting a sufficient roof over their heads will be a first priority.  Many people have starved through forced isolation with the covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.  This is absolutely heart breaking and something we need to tackle.

About the 5 min mark of this Video, you will see a family of 10 living in a small (2 x 3) metre shack.  When it rains they all must stand up, as their bed is too wet to sleep on.  This should bring tears to your eyes.  We can do better and we will do better with the Kibera Slum.    Please watch this video.

Kisenyi Slum, Kampala, Uganda.

The Kisenyi Slum is the largest slum in Kampala, and home to over 42,000 residents of many African nations & languages.  Whereas Kisenyi is considered to be amongst the toughest of the slum areas in Kampala, we know that Human Angels Australia will have a positive impact, supporting valuable Australian Charities working there.  Our Pastor Harriet Namyalo is well aware of the issues facing Kisenyi, such as lack of food during covid 19, and a problematic drug scene.  We applaud  our fellow Australian Charities for their perseverance at Kisenyi.


Let it Rain !       This is our Song.

The spirit of Human Angels is in this music video.  We wish a better world for everyone.  We work towards the equal distribution of wealth in our world, which will allow the people of Asia & Africa an equal share of everything.  It's now time to 'Open the financial flood gates of Heaven'.  Let it Rain on our new world !  May everyone have their fair share of what they need.  We fight for basic human rights.

The new 'Quantum Financial System' has already delivered these changes, and we Humanitarians now walk the planet, bringing enormous change to so many lives in Asia & Africa.  We invite you to walk this journey with us.

We stand up with the extreme poor, the forgotten, the disadvantaged as we now work towards reversing the injustices that have taken place in Asia & Africa.

Our Basic Rights to Food.

Many mothers (and even children) in slums such as 'Kibera' are selling their bodies just to feed their families.

Human Angels Africa  will be providing a 'safety net' of funding to poor families so they don't have to resort to prostitution just to eat.  Access to food is a global basic human right for everyone.

An Emergency Open Letter from the ICVA - 270 Million Facing Hunger, Starvation or Famine all over the world.      An Open Letter for Famine Prevention.     

An open letter to States and their Leaders from the civil society organizations working with and for the 270 million people facing hunger, starvation or famine all over the world. Every day, we bear witness to suffering and resilience. In Yemen, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, DRC, Honduras, Venezuela, Nigeria, Haiti, CAR, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sudan and beyond we help people who are doing all they can to simply get through one more day. Every day, we work with people who are fully capable of producing or earning enough to feed themselves and their families. These people are not starving, they are being starved. These girls and boys, men and women, are being starved by conflict and violence; by inequality; by the impacts of climate change; by the loss of land, jobs or prospects; by a fight against COVID-19 that has left them even further behind. Every day, we see that it is women and girls who suffer the most. Every day, we share stories and evidence of hunger, starvation, and increasing humanitarian needs. Yet this does not prompt urgent action or sufficient funding. The widening gap between the great needs we face and the limited assistance we are able to provide threatens to steal what hope remains. We cannot allow all hope to be lost. It is human actions that are driving famine and hunger and it is our actions that can stop the worst impacts. We all have a part to play. But you, as Leaders, States and main duty bearers, have a unique responsibility. We call on you to take action now. We call on you to provide the additional $5.5 billion needed for urgent food assistance to reach more than 34 million girls, boys, women and men around the globe who are a step away from famine. This assistance must begin immediately and reach as directly as possible the people most in need, now, so they can take action to feed themselves today and in the future. All countries should contribute their full and fair share, without diverting resources from meeting other pressing humanitarian needs. We plead with you to enhance your efforts and work with all parties to end conflict and violence in all its forms. The UN Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire must be immediately heeded. Humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach communities without barriers or impediments so we can urgently support those most in need. We urge you to invest in alleviating poverty and hunger, in giving people the tools they need to build more resilient futures for themselves, sustainably adapt to climate change and guard against the shocks of COVID-19. This will help to prevent future conflict and displacement. This will prevent future hunger and famines. There is no place for famine and starvation in the 21st century. History will judge us all by the actions we take today.    This is an Urgent Message to the World.   April 20, 2021.

Human  Angels Australia & Human Angels Africa  support global charities to build a better world for everyone.  We wish for an equal distribution of wealth in our world.  We lead the way.  We invite others to follow.

                                                                                                We help the poor in Australia, Asia and Africa.  We act as decent and thoughtful global citizens,  We have empathy for others, no matter where they live.  We do all we can to love one another.  That's all that God expects from us.

                 Human Angels Australia.

 Melbourne  AUSTRALIA.